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Wisdom Teeth And Braces

Considering braces? There's likely a whole laundry list of concerns circling around in your head, questions like how long you'll need to wear them, if they'll be painful, whether you'll have any food restriction, and if your wisdom teeth will affect that straight smile you've...

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Invisalign For Teens

Admit it: when you think of orthodontic treatment, you probably still picture an unflattering mouthful of metal. Even though modern braces treatment has advanced considerably in recent years, not only cosmetically but in comfort as well, most of us are hard pressed to shake that...

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What Is Orthodontics? Who And How Does It Benefit?

With orthodontic treatment becoming more and more affordable, comfortable, and popular with both children and adults, you may be hearing and seeing more about orthodontics in general. However, hearing and seeing doesn't necessarily mean understanding! If you've ever wondered what exactly orthodontics is about, who...