Survival guide: Invisalign
March 29, 2019 Posted by: Dr. Shaw

Survival Guide: Invisalign

Starting treatment with Invisalign clear aligner therapy is an exciting time. You’re setting off on an adventure that will lead you to a straighter smile that’s fully functional, after all, and that’s something worth celebrating! However, it’s also normal to feel a little unsure about such a big commitment, especially if you don’t know much Read More

three teen girls smiling and laughing
January 29, 2019 Posted by: Dr. Shaw

Top Tips To Keep Your Smile In Shape in 2019

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be hard to find time to do things for yourself. Work, school, gym, extracurriculars, and more take up a lot of time on our schedules, but the beginning of a brand new year is the perfect excuse to focus on making positive changes in your life! This may take Read More

girls smiling with braces
November 30, 2018 Posted by: Dr. Shaw

Orthodontic Options for All Ages

It’s not unusual to immediately picture a teen in braces when the subject of orthodontics comes up, so it can come as a surprise to learn that orthodontic treatment can benefit children and adults, too. Here at Shaw Orthodontics, we believe that patients of all ages deserve a healthy smile that’s beautifully aligned, and are Read More

Dr. Shaw smiling with a patient and his mom
October 30, 2018 Posted by: Dr. Shaw

Permanent vs. Removable Retainers

As an orthodontic patient, we know how much time, dedication, and hard work you’ve put into successfully completing your treatment. Now that you’re in the final stretch of wearing braces or aligners, it can be tempting to think you’re almost through with orthodontics forever. However, you’ve got one more step to go. Braces and aligners Read More

girl using water flosser for braces
September 28, 2018 Posted by: Dr. Shaw

Oral Hygiene And Your Braces

As an orthodontic patient, you play a key part in the success of your treatment. A beautifully aligned smile and improved oral health at the end of the orthodontic process is the result of a team effort that includes you, the team here at Shaw Orthodontics, and your family dentist. One of the most crucial Read More

August 20, 2018 Posted by: Dr. Shaw

What is TMD And How Can It Be Treated?

It’s amazing the effect misalignment of your jaw and teeth can have on the rest of your body. From headaches to neck pain to ringing ears, when something is off with your alignment, it can lead to a whole host of issues. If you know where the problem originates, it can make it easier to Read More

Woman in braces
July 16, 2018 Posted by: Dr. Shaw

Different Types of Malocclusions

Malocclusion is kind of a funny word and one that you probably aren’t familiar with unless you’re in the habit of hanging around a bunch of orthodontists! It’s the technical term for a misalignment of the teeth and bite, and it’s something that we see and correct on a daily basis here at Shaw Orthodontics. Read More

girl using water flosser for braces
June 27, 2018 Posted by: Dr. Shaw

What Is a Waterpik and How Does it Work?

Good dental hygiene is always important, but it is especially critical when you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. Without it, plaque and food can accumulate around your braces, forming bacteria and leading to unsightly white marks, cavities, or even gum disease. Brushing and flossing regularly is essential, and is one of the easiest ways to avoid Read More

Dr. Shaw talking with a patient
June 1, 2018 Posted by: Dr. Shaw

Periodontal Diseases and How They Can Affect Overall Health

You’ve heard that poor oral health can lead to cavities and gingivitis, but did you know that health issues in other parts of your body can stem from gum disease caused by poor oral care? Dozens of studies show the negative effects of periodontal disease (aka gum disease) on the body and its link to Read More

Woman with braces
April 26, 2018 Posted by: Dr. Shaw

Regular Toothbrush Vs Electric Toothbrush for Braces

Whether we like oranges better than grapefruits, tacos better than burritos, or manual toothbrushes better than electric ones— life is all a matter of preference. Have you taken a walk down the toothbrush aisle lately? There is sensitive toothpaste, whitening toothpaste, alcohol or alcohol-free mouthwash, manual or electric toothbrushes— you may be overwhelmed by the Read More